Mt. Weart

Sep 23rd 2014 (Hike up to the wedgemount lake)

6:30   Coffee @Whistler Village
7:50   Trail head
12:00 Stay in a tent @Wedgemount Campground
18:00 Escaped into the shelter beside the lake
          Dinner, Planning C, Stretching
22:00 Light Off

Mostly cloud -> Light Shower (12:00) -> Rain w/wind no fog (18:00) -> Storm (mid night)
... Chill ℃ is pretty cold, possibly because of the wet. Wind is nearly 100km/h, maybe, no joking.

Sep 24th 2014 (Stay safe)

8:00   Get up
10:00 hiking to Mt. Cook
          Turn around and go back to the shelter just before the ridge due to the weather
12:00 back to the shelter
          hiking to the waterfall
16:00 back to the shelter
          Dinner, Packing for the next day, Stretching
22:00 Light Off
          *meant to light off at 20:30 but couldn't for some reason

Snow Shower w/wind, Foggy(on and off), Cold
-> Clear Up a bit around noon ->Mostly cloud w/fog afternoon -> Light shower around midnight

Sep 25th 2014 (Scramble to the peak)

2:30   Get up
3:50   Start the day
4:30   @ the bottom of Wedgemount Glacier
6:30   on the ridge
8:50   PEAK!!
10:30 Start descending
14:20 Campground
15:50 Heading down to the trailhead
18:10 Trail head

Clear up in the very early morning -> Cloudy w/fog -> Snow Shower (8:30)
No wind all day, very quiet.

- Bottom of the glacier is so marshy.
- Rocks are loose but not too bad.
- 45° scramble right before the peak. Nice n steep.

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