Mt. Weart

Sep 23rd 2014 (Hike up to the wedgemount lake)

6:30   Coffee @Whistler Village
7:50   Trail head
12:00 Stay in a tent @Wedgemount Campground
18:00 Escaped into the shelter beside the lake
          Dinner, Planning C, Stretching
22:00 Light Off

Mostly cloud -> Light Shower (12:00) -> Rain w/wind no fog (18:00) -> Storm (mid night)
... Chill ℃ is pretty cold, possibly because of the wet. Wind is nearly 100km/h, maybe, no joking.

Sep 24th 2014 (Stay safe)

8:00   Get up
10:00 hiking to Mt. Cook
          Turn around and go back to the shelter just before the ridge due to the weather
12:00 back to the shelter
          hiking to the waterfall
16:00 back to the shelter
          Dinner, Packing for the next day, Stretching
22:00 Light Off
          *meant to light off at 20:30 but couldn't for some reason

Snow Shower w/wind, Foggy(on and off), Cold
-> Clear Up a bit around noon ->Mostly cloud w/fog afternoon -> Light shower around midnight

Sep 25th 2014 (Scramble to the peak)

2:30   Get up
3:50   Start the day
4:30   @ the bottom of Wedgemount Glacier
6:30   on the ridge
8:50   PEAK!!
10:30 Start descending
14:20 Campground
15:50 Heading down to the trailhead
18:10 Trail head

Clear up in the very early morning -> Cloudy w/fog -> Snow Shower (8:30)
No wind all day, very quiet.

- Bottom of the glacier is so marshy.
- Rocks are loose but not too bad.
- 45° scramble right before the peak. Nice n steep.

Mt. Weart (in Japanese)

エクストリームなアルパインクライミングにトライしてきたぼくたちだが、今回はメローなトリップを計画。ピックアップした山はMt. Weart。アームチェアグレイシャーの横にツンってあるきれいな山。



なんとか3日目でおさまり、Mt. Weartに。濃霧、無風でしんしんと雪が降って、淡々と進んだ。ハプニングといえば、うっかり底なし沼にずぶずぶずぶ…とはまりかけたくらい。ずぶずぶずぶ…わわわわわ!!!…びっくりしたけどね。



Sep 26 '14 Psycochommy


Road trip from Mt. Robson to Whistler

~ Road trip from Mt. Robson to Whistler ~

With no food and the bad weather, staying in a tent was not so fun. We decided to go down all the way to the bottom in a day. 35KM 17 hours. Really exhausted... then we headed to Jasper for food and bed. Our road trip had just begun like that.


30 minutes     later....→

We don't really remember that night but we woke up in beautiful town of Jasper. We had a coffee and some breads at a bakery and found ourselves alive... so peaceful moment.
When we're getting on a car to leave for Banff, something happened. 4 big bird shits dropped on us. The big shits contained lot of veges and moisture in it. That was awesome. Great trip started with shits.



In Banff, we were too tired to enjoy there. Just stayed for a night and left there. 


In a peaceful small town of Revelstoke.
People were warm. The town was quiet.
We love this place. 


Sitting back in a sofa, we were sooo relaxed with coffee. 
Brain stopped. No thinking. Just feeling.

We treated ourselves to a huge dinner: 4 racks of pork rib, carbonawesome pasta, chick dig it salad. That was awesome but a huge dinner doesn't always mean 'enough'...



Going up to the mid station on the mountain with the gondi. 

We got sooo excited to visualize pow there. This is where Travis Rice was riding in 'The Art of Flight'. 

レベルストークといえば、パウダーのメッカ。プロスノーボーダーのトラヴィス・ライスも、あのThe Art of Flightの撮影でここに訪れた。そんなこんなでぼくらもゴンドラに飛びついた(乗りました)。


Enjoyed not extreme camping in Kamloops.

We cooked 2.5KG of salmon with campfire. Sooo full.
We lay down on the ground to see the starry sky and slept outside.


Gluten free blueberry pancake for breakfast.  


Pavilion Lake in lillooet. Never seen such clear water in a lake... 

Thank you so much, mother nature. Now we see things in another light. 


Mt. Robson BC

August 21st~26th 2013 Mt. Robson Crazy&Challenging Climbing

Turning a corner on the highway, a huge wall appeared far ahead of us. That was Mt. Robson. This is the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies. Our drama  had just begun.


Day 1
23 KM from Trailhead to Berg Lake. It was supposed to be a long day so we didn't want to waste time. However, at 15:30 we were still at just 3.5KM from the trailhead. Sitting beside the beautiful Kinny Lake, we got disappointed how immature we were for some reasons.
Chommy: Yes or no. Black or white. Do not make grey zone, otherwise we die.
Kenzo: YES.
After 3 hours of talking, we restarted our trip at 15:30 to Berg Lake and got there at 22:00.

初日は、目的地Berg Lakeまで23KMほどの道のり。早め早めの行動を予定していた。
にもかかわらず。15時30分。僕らはまだスタート地点からおよそ3.5KMの位置にあたるKinny Lakeにいた。未熟さに直面し、下山の案も見え隠れしつつ煮え切らない中....
そうして僕らは3時間以上もの話し合いの末、15時30分から残り20KMの道のりを歩きだし、22時頃に目的地のBerg Lakeに到着。

Day 2
On Robson Glacier. The vast glacier confused us. With our eyes we couldn't really see how far the goal was. When we got closer, the goal looked further away. Ice was so blue and so sick. We planned a glacier adventure on the way back. 

2日目。ばかでかいMt. Robsonのグレイシャーに張り付く。近づけば近づくほどに遠くなって行く目的地。写真だと30分もあるけば着きそうな距離が、実際には2時間以上もかかる。かっちょいいグレイシャーに胸を躍らす二人。帰りにここで遊ぼうと計画する。

Sick blue ice. These are one of our favorite but it is also super dangerous. We saw some big chunks of ice falling down just behind us. Seen from away it was a breath taking view, but imagine how scary it is when it happens on the way where you were just walking.

遊ぼうと 言っているが、ここはスーパーデンジャラスな区域。僕らがつい2分前に通った道でアイスフォールが起こる。軽自動車くらいの大きさの氷が上から落ちてく る。離れて見ればかっこよく美しいアイスフォールだが、自分たちがさっき通った道で起こっているとなると死ぬほど恐ろしいものだ。

When we got almost to the goal of the day, an accident happened. There was a small river and we tried crossing it. Taking off our boots and sox, we slowly went into the river. Then Chommy slipped! He managed to balance and didn't get soaked but he dropped his boots in the river. Omg. 

2 日目の目的地Tower付近にさしかかった頃。小さな川に出会う。試行錯誤するも簡単に渡れそうな場所はなく、最終的に靴を脱いで渡ることに。 Chommy、川の真ん中で足を滑らせ靴は完全に水に浸った。衝撃の瞬間であった。靴の替えなどもちろんない。これはトリップに大きな支障をもたらした。

Crossing the river, we soon made camp. It was getting darker. We were so cold, so tired, and so hungry. The 2 desperate men did desperate things. We ate as much food as we want regardless of the food plan. We knew we were over tired so decided to take day off the next day.
The day 3 was off. We bathed in the warm sun without cloths. That was awesome. We got fully recovered for the coming big challenges.  

近くで安全 な場所を探しテントを立てた。体の疲労と冷えにくわえ、まさかの靴ボチャンで焼け糞になる。ある食材を無計画に使う。この日は米、雑煮、そしてうなぎを食 べる。翌日は一日テントで待機し、次の日に向けての準備に最善を尽くす。心と体をフルに回復させるために、二人はフル裸で太陽さんの光を浴びて元気を チャージした。

Day 4
The first crux of this route: Mousetrap
When we got closer to Mousetrap, it didn't look so ugly but we were wrong. We were confused by the vastness of this mountain. It was actually so dangerously collapsed... huge crevasses, huge ice falls, dangerous snow bridges... in a word, that was so sick. 
Kenzo felt death. No joking. When he was climbing an almost vertical icy snow wall, he found his knees shaking with fear. Shallow breathing and fast beating heart. One step and another... then Kenzo fell. Time stopped. The whole body was frozen. He felt like passing an electric shock in his body. It was just a small fall but imagine how scary it was when it happened in the middle of the badly collapsed ice fall.
Soon after that, Chommy fell. A snow bridge broke down when he stepped on it, and he fell into a crevasse. Luckily he could point his crampons to the crevasse wall and stopped himself.
There was more. When we were climbing another steep wall, a huge ice wall fell off just beside us. It was just 10M from us. Everywhere was creaking under our feet. So many traps there. No funny joking at all. haha.
Kenzo は本気で死を感じた。垂直な壁にさしかかった頃、恐怖のあまり足が震える。呼吸が浅くなる。一歩...そしてまた一歩。そのとき、Kenzo..... フォール。時が止まった。体も固まって動かなかった。だが驚きと恐怖で一瞬体に電流が流れたような感覚であった。場所が場所だけに小さなフォールの緊張間 もすさまじい。

*Mousetrap. You can't see how big it is. If a person is in this photo, he would be as small as one fifth of a sesame. 

At the very end of Mousetrap, we carefully traversed the ledges on the crevasse wall. The goal of the day was just ahead of us but the ledges got narrower and more difficult to pass. Eventually the ledges ended and there was an overhang wall.The goal was just 15M ahead but the only way to get there was to traverse the super dangerous point.
Chommy: No. It's impossible .
Kenzo: Oh no... we gonna climb down all the way we came?
Chommy: Yap.
This time, Kenzo was prepared for death. He remembered his parents, friends, and every one of people he had met.

We don't describe any more about Mousetrap. Needless to say anything about climbing down there. We went through so many traps and finally got to a safety zone with no accident and no injury.


*A part of Mousetrap. M size chunks of ice in this picture was actually as big as a truck. 

We couldn't go through Mousetrap and couldn't get to the goal of the day. We didn't want to stay on the glacier later in the afternoon so we headed to Robson Resplendent col to camp for the night. On the way climbing up to the col, Kenzo got a headache because of the altitude. We decided to camp just before the ridge and Chommy started to dig there to make camp alone. Thank you Chommy by Kenzo. 

結局 Mousetrapを越え目的地に行くことはできなかった。時間もあまりなく、違う場所にテントを張ることに。Mousetrapを下って、向かい側の斜 面を登り返しているとき、Kenzo高度障害で頭痛に見舞われる。まるで使い物にならないKenzo。Chommy一人でシャベルを握り楽しそうに雪を掘 り、テントを立てる。ありがとうChommy、動けなくてすまんかった by Kenzo。ちなみにここの宿泊スポットに名前を付ける。名前は "LOVE HOTEL"。ChommyがダウンしたKenzoに元気を与えるためにはっちゃけてくれたんです。これも大切な支え合いです。真剣ですよ二人とも。真剣 にふざけたんです。

Day 5
Strong wind, thunder storm, and snow shower during night. Our condition was not good enough to go through the coming challenges. We talked again and decided not to head to the top this time.However, we really wanted to see the view from the ridge. So we decided to stay for another night.
Later in the afternoon, the foggy sky was getting brighter and we could see the sun behind the fog. We got out of the tent and climb up to the ridge. Standing on the ridge, the view was just amazing. There was the earth in front of us.


 What's in his eyes? What's in his mind?

How tiny man... still his back shows his joy of living on the earth!!

Day 6
The last day on the mountain. We wanted to see the amazing view again before going down. We woke up early and climbed up to the ridge to see the sunrise. We went further up the ridge. The air was getting thinner. So hard, so sleepy, so hungry, and so cold... still we wanted to see the sun up there.


His back is telling his mind that can not be described with words...

This is the top of Mt. Robson. It's another thousand meters vertically from the flat area that is covered with snow to the top. Can you imagine how big this mountain is?

Picture from the highest point we reached this time.

The 2 easy-going men were singing together after the fantastic sunrise to wait for the sunshine but the sky was getting darker again... We looked back at Mt. Robson and then we found a lenticular cloud on top.
Chommy: Holy s***...♪
We were going down in seconds but the storm was already getting close to us. Soon after we left the ridge, snow shower and lightning sounds started. We decided to go all the way down to the bottom in a day. Our 35KM-17 hours of descending had started like that.No glacier adventure, of course. We just headed straight to the bottom. The beautiful moment in the morning was actually just a calm before the storm...


After alpine area. We both didn't talk. We just walked, walked, and walked.

7 KM to the trailhead. We got relaxed too early... the trailhead was still 7KM ahead. That was the hardest 7KM ever in our life.
Soon after taking this photo, it got dark. Walking in dark with headlights was like walking in a dark tunnel that would never end. 



After 17 hours, we finally got to the trailhead. We were way too tired to express our feelings. We hugged tightly and then ate 2 packages of snuck at a time with no words in our car.
Anyways we got to the bottom safely!
We are living! 

In 30 mins, we started our road trip. We are going to upload "Road Trip journal". Check it out!!

Our challenge came to the end. After we got home safely, we think...
Kenzo:It is not usual thing that we are living in this world. I know I'm living but I had never felt deeply "I'm living right now". Mt. Robson told me "You are living" and I can feel it. Living...that's wonderful. Yes...YES...I'm living right now. I really want to say "Thank you so much" for my dad and mam.
Chommy: Mountains are big. We are such a fool to try to get to the top, but they won't easily allow us. They say, 'Stay hungry and live more strongly'. We respect them. 

こうして僕らのMt. Robson Tripは幕を閉じた。



Chommy:山はでかい。ばかみたいに食いついて、叩きのめされて。山は教えてくれる。「stay hungry」ってね。もっと強く生きろってね。

Peace out!!   Kenzo&Chommy  Sep 1st 2013